March 31, 2020

    Aimbridge Hospitality Responds to Covid-19 

    Aimbridge Hospitality’s leadership is taking decisive actions during this unprecedented time of the coronavirus crisis to support hotel owners and their properties, reduce costs, and maintain the well-being of associates and guests. 

    “As we leverage our scale to add value for our owners during these unprecedented times, Aimbridge Hospitality is maintaining property support and activating resources,” said Dave Johnson, CEO of Aimbridge Hospitality. “We’re preparing for the long term, and reducing costs immediately starting with the corporate office and providing relief at the property level. Ensuring our owner’s priorities are top of mind, both Mike Deitemeyer and I remain active as AHLA board members, and as an additional resource, have appointed Erica Hageman as our new Chief Government Affairs Officer to advocate for our owners as government policies continue to evolve.”  

    Added Johnson: “We are resilient, and are confident the business will return. As the leading hospitality manager we are well positioned to be here when it does, to serve our owners as the best in class operators.” 

    Actions that Aimbridge Hospitality is taking currently include:
    •    Earlier this month, launched a series of cost containment initiatives including wage reductions at the corporate level across the board and providing relief to the hotel properties. 
    •    Partnering with major brands and vendors to suspend, postpone and eliminate costs addressing needs of our owners.
    •    Representing hotel owners through constant communications with AHLA and corresponding government agencies. 
    •    Fortifying government involvement proactively through the recent appointment of Erica Hageman, former General Counsel for Interstate Hotels & Resorts, as Chief Government Affairs Officer to update our owners on all policies, ensure they are fully informed on new government legislation, and maintain an active voice within the industry.
    •    Driving revenue among the specialized groups that are traveling to address the current situations such as first responders, traveling nurses, government employees and others. Aimbridge Hospitality has a task force of sales, operations and legal leaders ready with terms and protocols to realize the current business opportunities. 
    •    Implementing Aimbridge Aid*, a nonprofit entity that will provide financial aid for internal associates who have been impacted during this time of crisis. The charitable fund was developed as a vehicle for Aimbridge Hospitality employees to help their fellow associates through a one-time donation or ongoing voluntary donations via payroll deduction. 

    *The Aimbridge Aid Foundation is currently accepting financial contributions in California and Texas, two of the company’s largest high-volume states. The program will be coming online in Florida, New York and Virginia within a couple weeks, and Aimbridge will then begin registering in other high-volume hotel states throughout the U.S. and District of Columbia. More information is available at